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Aya Healing Retreats

Seeking Facilitator

AYA Healing Retreats is seeking a Co-Facilitator

Calling In:
AYA Healing Retreats is seeking an experienced and trustworthy co-facilitator to support a two-week jungle, silent retreat dieta experience outside of Pucallpa, Peru, June 4-15, 2018.

Who We Are
AYA Healing Retreats was founded by Elio Geusa and is currently housed at the Sui Sui Retreat Center outside of Pucallpa, Peru. AYA Healing Retreats was created on the vision of empowered indigenous communities, re-connection with nature, and creating a courageous community committed to love and authenticity in themselves and others.Noya Rao Dieta

We facilitate Master Plant dietas and Ayahuasca ceremonies in the Shipibo tradition with plants native to the Amazon region including Bobinsana, Chullachaqui Caspi, Marosa, Ciric Sanago, Aya Huma, and Noya Rao. Our retreats educate participants on the Shipibo culture, icaros, and healing traditions.
The Noya Rao dieta silent retreat is similar to the Ayahuasca retreats in Peru, yet we have a perspective that makes it unique to AYA Healing Retreats. It is a 12-day immersive journey into silence. Participants are asked to refrain from speaking from the morning of the third day of retreat until the morning of the last day. The retreat will involve a Master Plant dieta on the sacred Noya Rao tree, as well as five Ayahuasca ceremonies.

We are seeking an honest and compassionate co-facilitator role to join our team and support a two-week Noya Rao silent meditation retreat June 4-15, 2018.

The Right Fit
The right fit for the Noya Rao practices, embodies and strives for honesty, vulnerability, clear communication, and act as a role model for other participants. Our first priority is to bring on a female co-facilitator. We are, however, committed to finding the best fit and open to receiving interest from male applicants as well.

AYA Healing Retreats is a safe space for participants to befriend their fears, doubts, barriers, and blockages and returns with lessons to share. We also expect the co-facilitator to have experience in navigating their own darkness and able to share the healing stories from those experiences in an empowering way.

Other preferred and desirable skills and experiences include:


Participation in Ayahuasca group retreats

Experience working with Shipibo traditions and people

Group retreat support including facilitator, co-facilitator, or other support roleAyahuasca retreat support experience

Longer dieta retreat experiences (longer equals two weeks or more with one Master Plant dieta retreat)

Participating or supporting jungle Master Plant dietas
Meditation instructorCounselor, somatic experiencing, yoga instructor
Knowledge of and connection with plants as teachersNoya Rao-specific connection
Social network to advertise the specific June retreatActively enroll participants from your network into the retreat
English speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension is mandatorySpanish speaking and comprehension

Our main priority is for the safety, security, and seamless support for our group members on our Ayahuasca retreat in Peru.
The co-facilitator will be expected to provide overall support to the main facilitator and Shipibo curendera inside and outside of Ayahuasca ceremonies. The retreat will be twelve days that include five ceremonies. The co-facilitator is expected to attend at least three these ceremonies.

We are seeking a team member whose main daily task will be to conduct daily, guided meditations for participants during the Noya Rao silent retreat. The purpose of these meditations is to allow participants to create deeper connections to themselves, to each other, Noya Rao, and Ayahuasca. The co-facilitator will teach people to connect with plants as teachers, to access plant wisdom, and go deeper into their own experience.

A secondary contribution would be to provide guidance and integration support individually to participants throughout the Ayahuasca retreat. We prefer one who can guide through experience and sharing.

The co-facilitator will always be in and maintain the dieta throughout the retreat including post-dieta instructions. 

We love to sing at AYA Healing Retreats, so providing music and song in and out of ceremony would be a huge bonus!

AYA Healing Retreats is committed to fair and balanced exchanges with work contributions. In exchange for the above expectations, we will provide:

  • The full dieta experience including the¬†Noya Rao plant tea,¬†Ayahuasca ceremonies, plant medicines, consultations with the Shipibo curendera, and plant baths
  • Accommodation and food for the full two weeks
  • Transportation to and from the retreat center
  • Monetary payment is possible, dependent on number of participants enrolled and enrolled referrals by the co-facilitator

The co-facilitator will be responsible for:

  • Flight costs
  • Visa fees
  • Insurance and other travel-related costs
If you know you have what it takes, please contact us at and provide:
  • 1 paragraph relating how you fulfill the preferred and desired skills and experiences
  • 1 paragraph on how you would contribute to the primary, secondary, and overall responsibilities of the co-facilitator
  • 3 references that can speak specifically to your qualifications and experiences in co-facilitating a silent, group¬†Ayahuasca retreat

Ayahuasca fills the void that Western medicine has created. Ayahuasca is a medicine,¬†‚Äúthe great medicine‚Ä̬†and¬†‚Äúmagical intoxicant.‚ÄĚ
When taken under the supervision of an authentic curandero who comes from a long lineage and a life-time of guidance under traditional elders, Ayahuasca can have a life changing effect on us. We are fortunate to have respected curandero, Don Miguel who hails from a long lineage of traditional Shipibo healers facilitating our Ayahuasca ceremonies. At our Ayahuasca retreats in Peru, Don Miguel brings his gentle, genuine, fun-loving sense of humour to the supervision of all members of the group in the collection, cooking and replanting of the sacred Banisteriopsis caapi and Psychotria viridis.



What is a Master Plant Dieta?


…and access to our limited duration promotions for new retreat offerings, online courses, and giveaways.


Our comprehensive screening questionnaire has been developed in partnership with the International Centre for Ethnobotanical Education, Research and Service (ICEERS). Please take your time to answer it as honestly and with as much detail as possible. This information will remain strictly confidential and will only be used to assess your suitability for a place on retreat with AYA Healing Retreats and keep you safe

Please remember that the purpose of this screening questionnaire is to determine whether plant medicine healing is suitable for you…not whether you are suitable for plant medicine healing. Plant medicines are tools, like any other healing modality and like other tools for healing experiencing them entails certain risks. We need to make sure that our plant medicines will not compromise your wellbeing or harm you in any way before we allow you to begin your healing journey with us. In short, we care about your safety and we need to do what we can to ensure that during your time with us you are not at risk of harm. Plant medicines can be dangerous if the plants are not the right fit for the individual. Your answers to this questionnaire will help us to determine whether the plants we intend to use are going to help, rather than harm you