Chullachaqui will be available alone, if prescribed by our Maestros for your Master Plant Dieta to all our Ayahuasca Retreats in Peru. We do not brew Ayahuasca together with any other plants. Another master plant teacher which is available for you to experience is Bobinsana.

Chullachaqui Master Plant Dieta

Chullachaqui Caspi tree, while regarded as a deeply spiritual tree in the context of Amazonian shamanism, also has important medicinal properties. The resin, for instance, can be used to heal wounds and cuts when it is made into a kind of poultice and rubbed directly onto the skin. The bark can help to heal psoriasis and other common skin ailments when it grated, boiled and administered to the patient as a steam bath.
Chullachaqui’s spiritual purpose, beyond its many medicinal functions it to support the dietero to connect with the deep intelligence of the earth. It does this by acting as a kind of guardian, guiding and protecting the student to discover the true wisdom of the forest and its many master plants (teacher plants and trees). Chullachaqui is also known to have profound grounding properties and can significantly settle a wayward mind by bringing the spirit and body into a deep union with nature.
Chullachaqui also occupies an important place in Amazonian mythology. The plant itself grows in sandy conditions where the roots cannot penetrate deeply into the earth. As a result, the roots often look twisted. Stories of the jungle dwarf also known as the chullachaqui, purpose that this forest being has a human appearance with one distinguishing feature: his twisted foot. There is a haunting Amazonian legend, that if you find yourself and encounter a familiar face, a friend or family member, it is likely to be the chullachaqui who has shifted into their form. He will be eager to take you somewhere new and exciting, deeper within the forest. If you follow him, you will become more lost to the point of madness. While this mythology of the jungle dwarf is deeply embedded in the Amazonian culture, it is important to note that the chullachaqui is regarded as a very real being. There have been instances, for example, where photographs have been taken of the tambo of the forest-dwelling chullachaqui

Don Miguel Sings Icaro to the Teacher Plant Chullachaqui

Gratitude from a Chullachaqui master plant dieta

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