Pseudocalymma alliaceum

Ajo Sacha - Manso ALliacea

Ajo Sacha, also known as Manso Alliacea, is atropical liana native to Northern South America, in the upper Amazon rainforest. Among the mestizos, it is known as “wild garlic” or forest garlic. Ajo translates to “garlic” while “Sacha” translates to wild. This plant is very mild when undergoing a dieta, although at this time we are currently not offering Manso Alliacea dietas on our Ayahuasca Retreats. If you are looking for a plant spirit to call to you, or are simply curious for more information, read onwards through our plant directory and learn about the unique benefits of Albahaca.

Common Uses For Manso Alliacea

The shrub is commonly used by native indigenous tribes as a cleanser for the digestive system and inner energetic tracks. With deep respect, these tribes utilize almost the entire plant for different purposes, and is revered by elders for it’s ability to chase away evil spirits. It is commonly accepted that a dieta with Ajo Sacha prior to a retreat with Ayahuasca will help the body receive the mother vine with more ease. As well, it seems to help distribute energy through the physical body, helping endure more intense workloads from other plant dietas.

 With incredible strengthening properties, the shrub is often recommended during periods of intense change in the dietero’s life. Known to cleanse the body, Manso Alliacea is also able to reduce ailments from fevers, colds, and headaches. The shrubby vine has been used for generations by communities all over the Amazon, and gone through extensive laboratory studies. 

The entirety of the bush has been utilized in various traditions and medicines. The stems and leaves are applied in a decotion externally to sooth musculuar pains or inflammations. A tincture from the root is may be created with cane alcohol as an overall regenerative tonic. Tea from scraped roots is made by the Amuesha tribe of Peru to aid in female fertility. A soothing bath with leaves may be diagnosed to fight the flu or cramps. Leaves may be crushed and applied to the forehead for headache relief.

Being so widely spread, it is also known by dozens of other names. Such as, Adenocalymma alliaceum, Adenocalymma pachypus, Adenocalymma sagotii, Bignonia alliacea, Pachyptera alliacea, Pseudocalymma alliaceum, Pseudocalymma pachypus, Pseudocalymma sagotti
, aboeja-mibia, ah-kah-pota, ajo macho, ajos del monte, Amazonian garlic bush, ayotete, be’o-ho, be’o-ja pusanga, bejuco de ajo, boens, cipo-alho, cipo-d’alho, false garlic, garlic rope, garlic vine, gonofroe-tite, ilay kamwi, ka ale, knof-looklian, knoflook liaan, koenofrokoetite, kwi-po-kan, liane-ail, nia boens, nishi boains, posatalu, sacha ajo, sucho ajo, shansque boains, tingi-tite, vova, and wild garlic.

Ancedotally, this wonderful medicinal plant has been known to be a wonderful mood enhancer, which also increases your personal strength. A dense, tangy scent of wet plants that evokes imagery of the Amazonian jungles can be felt when you smell the bush closely. Despite all of these similarities to garlic – the sulphur content, and the name, it is not actually related to garlic!

Although not considered a master plant, this shrub still has untold gifts, with the ability to banish negative energies from the mind and body. As such, floral baths with the leaves are commonly practiced. Another unique use not to be understated is the impact on the dietero’s dreams. Dreams will become more vivid and deep, with higher lucidity. After dieting, you’ll feel more confident and powerful in your day to day life.


Dieting Pseudocalymma Alliaceum

A diet with this bush typically begins by bathing with crushed leaves in a cleansing bath. These baths are a great way to purify your physical and spiritual body prior to retreats. Afterward, roots are scraped and set overnight in water to create a strong infusion. The amount of root used will be determined by your curandero and varies between individuals. Early the next day, the tea is consumed, following another bath.

 The tea is quite strong and you may feel a burning sensation as it travels down and begins digesting, this is the distinct taste of raw garlic gloves. Your resulting experience may range from mild nausea, to very lucid dreams. Another common method for consumption during dieta is in the form of a liquid extract. Dieteros report it to be rather pleasant to drink, creating a warm tingling sensation.

Your dieta with this shrub may also include icaros (prayer songs), and blessings with mapacho (jungle tobacco). By also commiting to standard diet restrictions, the dietero shows their commitment to commune with Ajo Sacha, and will be able to receive it’s full protection. It is also possible to communicate with different types of spiritual beings and experience deep vivid dream states.


Ajo Sacha Medicinal Properties

As an infused concotion, the manso alliacea is considered an analgesic or pain killer. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and can even be used in therapies as an anti-rheumatic to treat arthritis or rheumatism. Due to these properties it is also great for bruises, aches, and even digestive issues. However, it’s benefits extend to treat a myriad of other conditions, such as respiratory issues, inflammations, malaria, cancer, myalgia, mycosis, cure headaches, nervousness/anxiety, epilepsy, cholesterol issues, constipation, and more. It contains sulphur compounds like alliin and allyl sulphides, which are known to lower cholesterol. 

The wood of the vine contains lapchone chemicals, proven to have anticancer activity. If you’re interested in learning more about the medicinal effects of Mansoa Alliacea, check out this research paper.

Additional Medicinal Properties:

  • Analgesic – Helps relieve pain
  • Anodyne – Helps reduce pain
  • Antioxidant – Prevent or slow damage to cells
  • Antifungal – aka a fungicide, used to treat or prevent mycosis (athlete’s foot, etc)
  • Antiarthritic – Reduce joint pain and stiffness
  • Antirheumatic – Reduce rheumatoid arthritis symptoms
  • Anti-inflammatory -Reduces swelling and inlfammation
  • Antispasmodic – Supress muscle spasms, help treat epilepsy
  • Antitussive – Relieve cough symptoms
  • Antiviral – Treat viral infections
  • Antibacterial – Kill harmful bacteria
  • Stomachic – Assist in digestion
  • Febrifuge – Reduce fever
  • Astringent 
  • Tonic
  • Depurative
  • Laxative
  • Vermifuge
  • Insecticidal

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