Petiveria Alliacia

Anamu Plant

Scientifically known as Petiveria alliacea, anamu plant is a popular medicinal herb. Indigineous tribes have used this shrub for centuries to boost immunity, fight inflammation, treat chronic illnesses, and more. This article will review benefits, usages, and potential hazards behind this plant medicine. We do not offer anamu dietas at this time in our Ayahuasca Retreats in Peru.
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What Is Anamu?

Anamu is a perennial herbaceous shrub. Thriving in tropical climates, it grows in various areas from Central America to the Southern USA. It is well known in Jamaica and the Caribbean. A strong, garlic-like odor, similar to ajo sacha, can be smelt from the plant.

Tribes native to these lands have used this plant as incredible medicine for generations, and the science is begining to pile up for the health benefits of anamu plant.

Medicinal Benefits

  • The resin may be used to heal wounds, cuts, and bruises. It is applied topically after being ground into a poultice and rubbed directly onto the skin
  • The bark can help to heal symptoms from psoriasis, as well as an assortment of other dermatological issues. First it is grated, the boiled and administered in a steam bath.
  • Treatment for arthritis and maintenance of joint health
Photo of Amanu Plant

Another common report is confronted by a very short man in old rags, waving his closed fists in the air looking for a fight. The myth also states that he has the ability to transform into any animal of the rainforest. He is revered as a forest spirit guardian who will punish men who break the sacred laws of the forest. They are known as an older race than humans, inhabiting deep within the jungle.

If you ever thought of bringing a young child to the jungle with you, don’t take your eyes off them. The evil chullachaqui is said to attract a child by morphing into a playmate or mother, lure them into the jungle, and raise them as their own. One way to ward him off, as well as other bad spirits, is with tobacco smoke.

This great legend is one of the most popular in Peruvian folklore about the Amazon rainforest. However, reports vary from him being friendly and offering gifts, and an aggressive trickster. In any case, when exploring the Amazon – stick close to your guide. If you do get separated and your guide finds you? Take a look at his feet, it could be Chullachaqui trying to lure you, but he cannot hide his twisted foot!

Today, in modern medicine the plant is being studied to as a potential treatment in chemotherapy and for leukemia.

If you are looking to learn more about the mysteries behind this plant teacher, watch the video below as our master curandero, Don Miguel, sings a tradional icaro (Shipibo chanting) to the beautiful tree. You can also scroll down and learn about someone’s life experience dieting this master tree during an ayahuasca retreat.

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