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El Encanto de Chullachaqui


During our pause due to the pandemic, we have worked tirelessly at perfecting our new retreat center. We are excited and grateful to offer our new home – El Encanto de Chullachaqui – to those looking for profound healing and transformative experience. Nearby the center you’ll find our most dear plants and trees – Ayahuasca, Bobinsana, Chullachaqui, but also a newfound Noya Rao tree – of which there are only 3 known to exist.

About the Center

The Center houses an ample ceremonial space called a Maloca (communal house); it is here that we will where we will participate in our Ayahuasca rituals on several of our evenings. The Center also hosts a central kitchen and dining area and areas overlooking the garden, which is excellent for enjoying great conversation with others and admiring the ever-changing jungle. You will all have your own private room or bungalow. If you have concerns regarding covid-19 policies you can read more about how we are keeping you safe.

The Center doesn’t have reliable access to the Internet.

However, we recommend that you take care of all matters that require your urgent attention before joining us on retreat, either while in Iquitos or in your home country. This will enable you to be fully present and to receive the actual healing benefits from not only the sacred plant medicines but from the superior beauty of the surrounding forest and lakeside environment. To preserve the integrity of the river water, we only permit our guests to use biodegradable and chemical-free soaps, shampoos, and toothpaste. Our favorite soaps are Dr. Bronner’s due to their ingredients and support of reforestation and fair trade.

Your Accommodation

While at the Center, you will be enjoying a private room or jungle bungalow (Tambo) with a spectacular view of the Amazon Jungle. Your Tambo is fully protected from mosquitos by a particular screen surrounding the doors and windows.

You will have your comfortable double bed to rest on each night and all privacy you need to recharge and contemplate the day’s events. The Tambo’s are rustic, yet spacious and are guaranteed to offer you an authentic Peruvian forest experience. Attached to the rooms and to at each Tambo, western toilets and showers.

Packing List - What You Need To Bring

Rain is frequent in the Peruvian Amazon, and while it is often hot and humid throughout the day, it does cool down overnight. Please keep the changing weather conditions in mind when packing your suitcase. The list below provides a comprehensive outline of what to bring with you on retreat. Some of the items can be purchased once you arrive in Peru.

  • 2-3 changes of cotton shorts and t-shirts or 2-3 light cotton dresses
  • 1-2 pairs of long cotton pants for walking in the jungle
  • 1-2 long cotton shirt
    A battery-powered torch or headlamp
  • A spare set of batteries
  • A light, breathable rain jacket
  • Comfortable warm clothes to be worn throughout our nighttime ceremonies
  • Biodegradable and chemical-free soap, sunscreen, and mosquito repellent
  • Fluoride-free toothpaste
    Good quality sandals or thongs
  • Sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat
  • Lip balm
  • A camera
  • A cigarette lighter
  • 2-3 towels
  • Ziplock or waterproof bags to protect your electronic devices from humidity.

What We Supply

We will have the following items available for your enjoyment whilst at the Ayahuasca Centre in Iquitos:

  • Meals & Accomodation
  • Notebooks and journals for you to record and make meaning of your experiences
  • Musical Instruments
  • Art supplies including pastels, paints, pencils, paper
  • Mapachos (Wild Tobacco)
  • Agua de Florida (cleansing shamanic spirit water-available to purchase for a small fee)

It is critical to follow the dieta for two-weeks prior to retreat in order to prepare your body to receive a deep healing experience. Read more about the required diet here.

Safety During the Retreat

We want to offer a safe and unforgettable experience for everyone and for this reason, the group will be undergoing the antigen test before entering the center on the first day of the retreat. Cristina will inform you of the pick-up time so please get in touch with her once you are in Iquitos or before arriving. After collecting you with the group at Nativa Apartments Boutique Hotel we will transfer to the
testing hub in Iquitos and after at the center. The cost of the aforementioned test will be borne by the guests. If your test is POSITIVE we will ask you to return to Nativa Apartments Boutique Hotel to follow the required isolation.

Please wear face masks during the trip to the center.

We focus on extra cleanliness and the best practices to create a safe environment, as much as possible, from the moment you arrive at the retreat to the accommodation, maloca, classes, workshops, meals, and everything in between.

Keeping You Safe

The retreats use cleaning chemicals that are effective against coronavirus.
● Linens, towels, and laundry are washed according to the local authority guidelines.
● Guest accommodation is disinfected between stays.
● Communal and high-touch areas are regularly disinfected throughout the day.
● Please bring your yoga mat. All the equipment is disinfected between guests.

Physical distancing is maintained.
● Instructors maintain a safe distance from the client.
● Activities take place outside where possible. When this is not possible, the Maloca will
be set up with the 2-meter (6 feet) rule between mats.

● The staff follows all safety protocols as directed by the local government.

● Hand sanitizer is available in guest rooms and key areas.
● Process in place to check the health of guests.
● First aid kit available.
● Suspected or infected COVID-19 patients will be traferd to Nativa Apartments Boutique
● Protective masks are available for all staff.
● Protective masks are available for clients.

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Our comprehensive screening questionnaire has been developed in partnership with the International Centre for Ethnobotanical Education, Research and Service (ICEERS). Please take your time to answer it as honestly and with as much detail as possible. This information will remain strictly confidential and will only be used to assess your suitability for a place on retreat with AYA Healing Retreats and keep you safe

Please remember that the purpose of this screening questionnaire is to determine whether plant medicine healing is suitable for you…not whether you are suitable for plant medicine healing. Plant medicines are tools, like any other healing modality and like other tools for healing experiencing them entails certain risks. We need to make sure that our plant medicines will not compromise your wellbeing or harm you in any way before we allow you to begin your healing journey with us. In short, we care about your safety and we need to do what we can to ensure that during your time with us you are not at risk of harm. Plant medicines can be dangerous if the plants are not the right fit for the individual. Your answers to this questionnaire will help us to determine whether the plants we intend to use are going to help, rather than harm you

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