Heart Opening Medicine

Marosa Plant of Love - Pfaffia Iresinoides

Marusa plant will be available alone, if prescribed by our Maestros for your Master Plant Dieta to all our Ayahuasca Retreats in Peru. We do not brew Ayahuasca together with any other plants. Another master plant teacher which is available for you to experience is Ayahuma.

Marosa Plant Dieta

Pure medicine and very unassuming. Tiny white flowers and leaves like blades, this master plant ( teacher plant) is particularly excellent at healing long-standing conditions of the female reproductive system, balancing masculine and feminine energies and restoring the nervous system to a state of rest. 

It is believed that washing your feet and nourishing the marusa plant with water causes a powerful medicine, specifically designed for the dietero to be created. This plant carries a strong feminine energy, helping those who look for light and love, and a reconnection to the energy of the universe. Always growing close to the river, it carries a strong energy of water, and shares a special connection to the serpents of the rivers.

The mother of this great teacher plant is the anaconda snake. It’s commonly reported to have visions of giant anaconda’s and experience her serpentine like presence during ayahuasca ceremonies while on a dieta.

To the native shamanic peoples, these master plants are considered sentient spirits which are highly advanced and capable of intelligence beyond our comprehension. This type of medicine needs to be embraced, so that we can receive the powerful wisdom and gifts of healing available to us.

Who is this dieta for?

Those who have suffered expierences of trauma through abuse or abandonment can benefit deeply from a dieta with Marosa plant. This healing plant will embark the dietero on a healing journey that is both spiritual and emotional, deep into the self. Receive inspired confidence, a renewed appreciation for life, and mend a broken heart. Those who commit to the fullest of their ability will be rewarded with deep transformational healing and growth.

Each plant teacher is known to work on many levels, but can be more effective for certain issues. It is accepted that marusa is very apt to deal with the emotional aspects of the heart, such as releasing grief and evoking empathy.

Once committed to the dieta, the maestro will invite the spirit of the plant to plant an energetic seed within. With proper dedication, this will bloom into a flower and form a union between plant and human consciousness. Setting intentions and strictly following the required diet will help to create the bridge for this relationship to form. After a successful dieta on marusa, you’ll feel more self-confident than ever thanks to the power of this new connection. However you must be strict, the subtle and sensitive energies of this plant demand it in order to connect properly

Pfaffia Iresinoides

Known to the Shipibo tribe as Onanyati rao, or lovingly they call it mamasita. It also has many common names such as leren, topi tambo, cu lun, or lairen in Spanish. In English, it is known as Marosa. The latin or scientific name is Pfaffia Iresinoides.

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While living mindfully in the present, we are always excited for the future and we have much in store for the coming year. Among other upgrades to better serve our guests, we will be:

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Don Miguel

Shipibo Curandero

AKA Senen Yoi - 'Speaking the Truth'

Don Miguel was born into a Shipibo community called Roaboya on the River Ucayali. When Don Miguel was a child, Angel Sanchez Vargas, his grandfather was the community’s curandero. Vargas was an expert in sacred plant medicines and was frequently called upon to heal and share his spiritual wisdom with members of Roaboya. The school built some years later was named after Vargas and Roaboya went on to be recognised as the first indigenous community 114 years ago. Don Miguel grew up surrounded by the Shipibo wisdom and possess intimate knowledge of the sacred plant medicines. At a very young age he began his apprenticeship as a curandero through plant dietas under the supportive guidance of his grandfather. Miguel is also a trained literature professor and thoroughly enjoys teaching the Shipibo language and culture. Since 2012, Don Miguel has spent the bulk of his time leading lectures, workshops, initiation courses and retreats. Don Miguel will lead our Ayahuasca ceremonies, circle discussions and be available for personal consultations whilst on retreat.


Our comprehensive screening questionnaire has been developed in partnership with the International Centre for Ethnobotanical Education, Research and Service (ICEERS). Please take your time to answer it as honestly and with as much detail as possible. This information will remain strictly confidential and will only be used to assess your suitability for a place on retreat with AYA Healing Retreats and keep you safe

Please remember that the purpose of this screening questionnaire is to determine whether plant medicine healing is suitable for you…not whether you are suitable for plant medicine healing. Plant medicines are tools, like any other healing modality and like other tools for healing experiencing them entails certain risks. We need to make sure that our plant medicines will not compromise your wellbeing or harm you in any way before we allow you to begin your healing journey with us. In short, we care about your safety and we need to do what we can to ensure that during your time with us you are not at risk of harm. Plant medicines can be dangerous if the plants are not the right fit for the individual. Your answers to this questionnaire will help us to determine whether the plants we intend to use are going to help, rather than harm you

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