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Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Masterclass 90-minute Workshop with Atira Tan & Stephen Kerby:Working with Bufo 5-MeO-DMT.

Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Masterclass:


Working with plant medicine and psychedelics such as Ayahuasca, Bufo, Psilocybin, San Pedro, MDMA, and Ketamine can evoke trauma imprints and memories, arising to find resolution, healing, and freedom.

Plant medicines and psychedelics can access the implicit memory of individuals, and often trigger both confusing emotions and psychological states. When these states are not held with trauma awareness and care, individuals can experience disorientation, increased anxiety, disassociation, intrusive flashbacks, and at times, short or long-term psychosis.

Although many participants come to heal and process trauma experiences, very few facilitators possess the education and knowledge to respond effectively to the various categories of trauma that arise in this sacred space. The lack of trauma awareness and knowledge has led to many individuals staying “stuck” in the trauma loop and experiencing re-traumatization. These repercussions can be damaging and harmful to the psychological and emotional well-being of participants.

It requires a great deal of courage, experience, and bravery to navigate skillfully through the process of resolving trauma imprints in the arena of psychedelics when they arise. Unfortunately, many trauma survivors do not have the inner resilience or the resources to do so on their own.

Similarly, facilitators often feel overwhelmed with a lack of resources, education, and tools and without a practical understanding of what to do when various trauma imprints arise. This becomes neglectful and is perceived as dismissed by participants. leading to greater distress and perpetuating the trauma cycle.

At AYA Healing Retreats, we believe that being treated with safety and care in our current psychedelic renaissance is a human right, our birthright.

For this to happen, we need to co-create an inclusive, ethical, trauma-sensitive psychedelic renaissance that is grounded in responsibility, impeccable care, and compassion for all.


Our Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Masterclass workshops will provide bite-sized tools and resources for facilitators to cultivate their trauma sensitivity and awareness. Workshops are 90 minutes long and will be facilitated by Atira Tan, Head of Integration at AYA Healing Retreats, the pioneer and founder of the Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Facilitation Three Month Training Program, and the creator of the Somatic Plant Medicine Integration Model.

She will be joined by a guest facilitator for each masterclass, and each workshop will focus on a specific plant medicine, such as Bufo, Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, and Huachuma.

Each masterclass will start with a 45 mins talk and discussion about trauma-informed tips and tools to work with each medicine, followed by a 45-minute Q & A where participants can ask questions about the trauma-informed plant medicine paradigm and specific case studies.

ayahuasca class

Ayahuasca is a powerful psychoactive substance that can produce strong emotional and psychological experiences in people who use it. Some of these experiences may be challenging or distressing, and people who have experienced trauma in the past may be particularly susceptible to having difficult experiences during an ayahuasca ceremony.

For this reason, it is important for ayahuasca facilitators to be trained in how to support individuals who may be struggling with difficult emotions or experiences during a ceremony. This can include having an understanding of the effects of trauma, being able to recognize the signs of someone who may be struggling, and knowing how to provide appropriate support to help the person through the experience.

By being trauma-informed, ayahuasca facilitators can help create a safe and supportive environment for participants and ensure that they are able to have a positive and transformative experience with ayahuasca.

Trauma-informed facilitation refers to the approach taken by the facilitator of an ayahuasca ceremony to ensure that the environment and the experiences of the participants are safe and supportive and that any potential triggers for trauma are minimized. This can involve providing adequate preparation and support for participants before and after the ceremony, as well as creating a safe and respectful space for the ceremony itself.

Our masterclass will share tips and tools on working with trauma with Ayahuasca, preparation and post-ceremony care useful protocols, and how to facilitate and lead in a trauma-sensitive approach that is attuned, compassionate and safe.

Joining Atira as a guest is Elio Geusa, the founder and director of AYA Healing Retreats.


Atira Tan, MA, SEP

Head of Integration


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Somatic Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Integration

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