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Ayahuasca Intentions
For The Best Results

An ayahuasca retreat presents immense potential for positive change and deep healing. Equally important to physically preparing, having the right mental preparation is key to unlocking the full wisdom of plant medicines. One of the most effective methods to do so, is to form and create specific intentions. Afterward, give our safety and medical guidelines a read over.

How To Set Your Main Intentions

Intentionally preparing your body and mind for immersion into a life changing sacred medicine healing experience is fundamental to your process of spiritual transformation. Likewise, integration, that is exercising discipline, respect towards yourself and a ready willingness to let go of old habits that are no longer serving you in the weeks and months following ceremony is as essential to your transformation as are the sacred medicines themselves.

There are many reasons why setting intentions is directly beneficial to you on your journey with ayahuasca. For one, it provides a reference point, an anchor, to help recenter you in what may be an overwhelming experience. Remembering why you have taken this courageous step to heal can pull you from dark places ayahuasca may be helping you explore. It is very grounding to have set intentions.

On another level, setting ayahuasca intentions and making commitments creates a ‘contract’ between you and your plant teacher. As with any relationship, the energy that you put in will determine what you are able to receive.

Before your immersion into the Amazon in an ayahausca retreat in Peru and the world of sacred plant medicine, you will need to earnestly consider and clarify what your main intention(s) are for wanting to do this work. In the absence of a clear intention it is unlikely that you will realise your healing potential whilst on retreat and be motivated in the days, week, months and years following to adopt new lifestyle habits that enable you to continue to grow, heal and thrive.

Setting Intentions For Ayahuasca Ceremony

The more aware of your intentions and your experiences you become, the more you will be able to connect the two, the more you will be able to create the experiences of your life consciously. This is the development of mastery. It is the creation of authentic power

Gary Zukav, The seat of the soul

Examples Of Ayahuasca Intentions

When setting an intention for this work, you may like to contemplate the following questions:

  • What is it I want to realise for myself whilst on retreat? What would be my ideal outcome?
  • What is my main aim or objective? (Think about this in terms of what you want, not what you don’t want)
  • What is my purpose for wanting to do this work? (Be sure that it is an authentic purpose, not simply wanting to check an experience of your bucket list)
  • How does this purpose look and feel to me? (Try to imagine it in your mind, write it down or draw it out)

When our intentions are clear, when we are sure about what we want, we give the universe full permission to deliver it to us. When we focus on what we don’t want, the universe is likely to deliver us more of the same drudgery that led us to want to transform our day to day reality. Clarity of your objective in ceremony, and your purpose and intention will enable you to experience profound healing beyond your wildest expectations.

If you need ideas to get your creative juices flowing you can draw from this pool of ideas:

    • Improve Your Degree of Present Mind
    • Nurture Your Relationships With A More Radiant Loving Energy
    • Heal Deep Seeded Trauma Held Within
    • Feel More Connected To Your Ancestry And Personal Path
    • Renew Your Inner Vibrance And Confidence


Writing Ayahuasca Intentions

Also, read this qualitative study on ayahuasca intentions and their impacts, examples include improving mental health, increase your emotional connection to others, learn more about yourself, heal physical pains, manage use of substances, to augment creative abilities, or to simply try a new experience.

How Are Intentions Different From Expectations?

If you are this deep into your research with ayahuasca, chances are you’ve heard or read stories about completely life altering experiences people have had through drinking ayahuasca. So, it can be hard not to form expectations – however, you must keep them in check. It’s completely natural for your brain to form conceptions and attach to stories, so you must treat yourself with self compassion and just do your best to release from these expectations.

This will produce the most profound results, and allow your intention to become empowered.

Ayahuasca is known to give you what you need, not what you ask for. At the end of the day, no two people will have the same experience, nor will one person have the same experience through multiple ceremonies. Some trips with ayahuasca may have you in a deep part of your subconscious that you may not access easily, some may have you in contact with plant spirits or other spirits, you may see beautiful geometric patterns. Whatever the case, it is most important to honor your experience, and reflect on how you will move forward with your new perspective and knowledge.

To put it simply, your intention should be the answer to the question “Why have I chosen to work with ayahuasca?”

Request A Relationship With Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca is a very powerful medicine, and as such it should be approached with the utmost humility and respect. No matter how experienced you are with the brew, it will always be a sound investment to dedicate some time and energy to sit, reflect, and ask yourself questions. It takes a lot of courage to venture into the vast ocean of the unknown, so take the time to set intent and fully reap your rewards.

One way to enhance your experience with ayahuasca while on retreat, is to create a direct relationship, like you would with another human. Ayahuasca is a highly intelligent feminine spirit. Some describe her as a stern grandmother. Talk with her, ask her questions, share your insights with her, provide love, and most importantly trust. She has the ability to take your anywhere you have been – complete, unrestricted access to your memory banks await you, but where will you go?

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong, and there are many paths which lead to valuable healing. What’s important is trusting yourself, letting go of your lotus of control, and surrendering to the infinite wisdom of the plant. If you are feeling overwhelmed with information surrounding ayahuasca, don’t stress – all answers will come at the correct time, and we’re always grateful to receive questions about retreats and ceremony.