Couroupita guianensis

Ayahuma DIETA

Ayahuma will be available alone, if prescribed by our Maestros for your Master Plant Dieta to all our Ayahuasca Retreats in Peru. We do not brew Ayahuasca together with any other plants. Another master plant teacher which is available for you to experience is Chullachaqui

Ayahuma Master Plant Dieta

The fruits of the Ayahuma tree are round and hard and the tree itself derives its English name from the cannonball like the appearance of these fruits, and was thus given the name cannonball tree. Native to the tropical areas of Central and South America, these trees can easily grow to over 55 meters in height. While the fruits remain inedible, they do possess powerful anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties, and are frequently used to treat wounds, common skin conditions and topical fungal ailments. The leaves, with large oblong petals, can be chewed to treat toothaches.

 The fruit and bark are frequently brewed together to create a powerful anti-inflammatory medicine which can also disinfect wounds due to antibacterial and antifungal properties. The bark of this incredible tree can also be used to treat common colds, or signs of upset stomachs. The fruits are large woody berries, you will find them yellow when fresh, often dried into a powder to combat hair loss. 

Couroupita guianensis, being such a large tree, carries a powerful, more potent energy when compared to smaller plant medicines. However, there is nothing to fear, this spirit is a gentle and compassionate teacher, capable of providing great protective energetic power. Many shaman healers of different tribes agree that one of the main purposes of undergoing a dieta with this potent tree is for the protective qualities it offers for future ceremonies.

Ayahuma is regarded by the maestro curanderos we work with as an immensely grounding master plant that can help the dietero to gain resilience and wisdom through releasing past trauma and stored emotion. The common name of this tree is composed of the Quechua words AYA – ‘dead’, and HUMA – ‘head’ , which refers to the shape of the fruits. 

The warming protective qualities of the Ayahuma spirit can help the dietero to access previously unchartered levels of vulnerability. This newfound capacity for vulnerability can not only aid in the release of past trauma but can also strengthen and energize the dietero, while cultivating greater compassion. The tree’s greatest gift is that it can help to open our perceptions as we come to truly embody a much deeper connection to all life on this planet. Couroupita guianensis is most often prescribed alone during the master plant dieta. Often, the first thing seen in visions is a beautiful flower and a wonderful feeling of being connected to nature.

It is common for the dietero(a) to purge during the dieta process. Although the taste is not so bad, the medicine will be active in the stomach. Many report an expansive, vibrational feeling within the stomach. Typically, doses are prepared and soaked in water for up to 8 hours. Your curandero will inform you about dosage timings and answer any questions you may have. A dieta with this master plant will require a commitment to a special diet and lifestyle for the duration of your relationship with the plant spirit. If you’d like to see the beauty of this tree, check out this video.

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