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From Plant to Spirit - A Shipibo Wisdom Course


Learn Shipibo Wisdom directly from Don Miguel, who draws upon his ancestral linage of healers, or “curanderos.” During this live online course, your Shipibo teacher introduces you to the art of ancestral spiritual tradition and Shipibo cosmology.

The Shipibo people are deeply respected for their knowledge of the sacred plant medicines, ceremonies, and spiritual connection to the rainforest environment. They remain a resilient tribe, and despite numerous attacks on their culture and traditions, have retained their traditional knowledge and customs.

Under Don Miguel’s guidance, you will explore how we can utilize sacred medicines like Ayahuasca, Noya Rao, Bobinsana, Chullachaqui, Aya Huma, and more – within a spiritual context. You will learn who are the true Onanya, the Shipibo’s Shaman, what it takes to undergo a traditional Dieta, how to use the pipe and connect with Mapacho, and how to sing Icaros.

This unique opportunity enables you to acquire the essential foundation to work with sacred medicines under the Shipibo lineage from a Maestro with a high level of transparency and years of experience.



With 6 Sessions spread over 3 days, this course offers students the opportunity to uncover hidden knowledge of the Shipibo tribes ancient wisdom.

2 Sessions 70 minute sessions per day, with a 20 minute break between, and space for Q&A afterward. 3 Days in duration. 

Fully translated in real time from Spanish to English. All courses will be recorded and students will receive lifetime access, including recorded Q&A (9 hours of recordings).

Live Online Course Structure

After an introduction of the course and the teacher Don Miguel, you will learn about the true Shipibo Shamans – Onanya, who were the mystical Murraya, and who are the Brujos (Sorcerers). 

 Learn the legend behind ayahuasca, and how to navigate the experience in ceremony. Don Miguel will share what it takes to lead a ceremony with ayahuasca, what is needed to bring healing, and how to protect the ceremonial space from energetical attacks. 

Learn the essential component of dieting plants and teacher trees. Don Miguel will teach the traditional way of connecting with the master plants’ spirit and new ways. Don Miguel will explain the restrictions during and after a Master Plant Dieta and why fasting is essential. 

Learn the legends of the most known master plants as well as their proprieties and how to use them in practice. Don miguel will educate you on incredible plants each with very unique healing applications.

This will introduce how to work with mapacho and the Spirit Tobacco with a pipe. How to use the pipe to connect with the Master Plant Spirit and learn to follow a dieta with the pipe.

It may be the best time to ask Don Miguel to craft a pipe for you with your favorite Teacher Tree. 

Don Miguel will also teach the group about the significance of the Noya Rao Icaro that you can use throughout a Master Plant Dieta. This knowledge will be vital in helping you to access your highest potential and realize deep healing and transformation.

Draw Upon Ancient Shipibo Wisdom

Meet the team

Don Miguel

Elio Geusa


Words of Gratitude

This trip was a dream. It far exceeded my expectations. I felt so welcomed and comfortable, but it also challenged me in ways I didn’t even know could happen. 
Jessica Farrelli
I could describe this experience as life changing but that would not do it justice. It was a powerful, challenging, loving, and supportive spiritual experience. Every need was attended to in a beautiful environment.
Robert Cropper
The whole team is incredible. They are so supportive, understanding, and passionate. I have never felt so nurtured in my life. When you're in the experience they are always there, with love and open arms. I cannot recommend them enough.
Elio is an amazing leader! On point organisation and structure. He is well connected in the indigenous community and has a great understanding of the spiritual journeys and the psychology of us humans. Elio is highly likeable and someone you will trust from the beginning of your journey.
I feel lucky and honoured to have met Elio, who organized probably the best jungle-trip I have ever had. Elio introduced us to the oldest shamanic family of Peru. Elio appeared not only as a reliable and very empathetic facilitator, but also as a close friend and loving ceremony contributor who openly shares his deep knowledge of the medicinal plants and the shamanic way of life. I look forward to meeting him again for many more magical adventures in the future. Thank you very much!
After many years on ‘the road less travelled’ and the chance meetings with remarkable wonderful souls, I had the good fortune to come into the presence of Maneesh de Moor and Elio Geusa. As we all look back into our lives, we remember those quintessential special moments of bliss, joy, enlightenment to the opening of your heart space, our kinship to all. This encounter with Maneesh and Elio was one of those times. Their love and support is boundless. Their music transcends the spirit to the indescribable. Very rarely do I recommend 2 people to work with, but feel honoured and bound to say to everyone who reads this. They are the gifts for you, to spend time with them in something so special, for YOUR LIFE — Namaste. Bodhi Madito.
Tony Clark
Ayahuasca opened a door to a new world that I was scared to enter before. Ayahuasca is a teacher and a tool, once you have the knowledge it’s up to you to create your life and to put the teachings in action. This work is a wonderful ongoing process. Elio is very loving; a happy and balanced person. He radiates a very strong, positive energy that makes you feel completely comfortable. Helping others is his priority in life.
Mark S.
Photo of Woman from Ayahuasca Retreat

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From Plant to Spirit, Introduction to Shipibo Wisdom

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